Friday, August 28, 2009

a new part of my life

Recently I adopted a dog. Her name is Vedauwoo and she is probably one of the best, most complicated and wonderful choices I have ever made in my life. The reactions that I got when I told people I was getting a dog were less than enthusiastic. And they were mostly from people who I thought supported me the most. However, it made me realize that my choice was making me happy and in life you will never please everyone. The most you can do is make sure you are happy and hope that other people are happy for you.

Veda is definitely still a puppy. My things are now divided into 3 piles: very chewed, only kind of chewed, and saved from the puppy. Thats ok though. Its all part of the experience.

Now that I am all moved into the house in Laramie, I am learning all sorts of good life skills. Things like shopping for food for myself, how to live with multiple other people who were all raised differently, how to get someone un-stuck from the attic and how to crawl through the window when you're locked out of your room. All great things to know.

Anyways, sorry the posts have been so delayed- its been very chaotic lately. Hopefully soon I will be able to update on a regular basis.