Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Coffee- mate pancakes in the backcountry

I care about the planet and love to spend time outside, which is why Coffee-mate and I have come up with a plan to help you make pancakes while gazing at your favorite alpine lake or desert scene. Reusing the bottles for various projects can help keep plastic out of landfills and makes a useful companion for your time camping.

First, combine the ingredients. It helps to combine everything first, then use a funnel to pour everything in- less mess that way!

Second, once you've poured the mix in, grab a frying pan to use on your camp stove and some good toppings. Some suggestions I have are raspberries, organic maple syrup or strawberries.

Lastly, make sure the lid is completely tightened and pack in a cooler. When you're starting out the next morning, getting ready for a big hike, you can pour the pancake batter without mess or bring all the ingredients with you.

Garnish pancakes with toppings of your choice, then enjoy!