Sunday, August 7, 2011

chapter 1.

I'm here in Indonesia, and it's our last day in the country before we depart to the US.

This trip has challenged me mentally, emotionally, physically, and photographically. There were days that I felt that all we did was fight for the photographs we wanted and ended up empty handed. But we are leaving feeling fulfilled.

I'm now full of experiences that are embedded in the smiles lines around my eyes, and I know that my heart has seen the other side of the planet.
I'm walking away with a lighter step in my feet, and increased patience.
I'm flying away with more questions than answers about the world, and more understanding about myself.
And finally, I know that I care deeply about this project and the people I've worked with.

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  1. coming home with more questions than answers definitely means the time was amazingly well spent. so glad it was so.