Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shooting with Annie Williams

Annie Williams and her husband Ben, two lovely friends from Nashville, TN were in town recently. I've always loved Annie's music and when I found out she was around, we agreed to do a photo shoot.

We ended up in an abandoned tavern, some miles from town. The building was uncomfortable to say the least. Both of us were super jumpy, and found a lot of old children's books, toys, clothes, paint cans, and various other random items that creeped us out. We also ran in to the realtor of the house, who we introduced ourselves to, and she told us that the tavern had been in a huge fire years ago and was now for sale.

Thanks, Annie, for putting up with my requests for you to sit on faulty and broken chairs, lead based paint shelves and standing on top of fridges that had who-knows-what inside. You're a good sport.

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