Sunday, December 2, 2012

simple things


I've been appreciating all the small things lately; waking up to the fog of morning and drinking earl grey tea before brewing the coffee and watching it drip dark drops into the Chemex. I love watching the chicks (we have 6) get up and stretch their legs, clumsy and tired. Their feathers are starting to come in patterns and they lay their necks on top of one another's backs to sleep; their little lungs heaving. I love having something so delicate and talkative around.

I especially love the process of building something. I am a pretty impatient person and this is helping me slow down and look at the steps before jumping ahead. I made myself a bench out of reclaimed wood for my closet to have a bit more organization. It's such a simple thing, and I'm head over heels about the way it looks.

I'm falling into simplicity and I think that it's just fine with me.

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