Friday, April 19, 2013

getting into the rhythm of travel

I'm getting ready to move my few possessions into a storage unit. I think this part of vagabonding is always a little odd for me--packing up my things. I'm a person that likes homes. I love spending the mornings barefoot in the kitchen, starting coffee on the stove and crawling back into bed with the snoring beast-dog. I'll be sad to put my record player away and hand my plants to caring hands for the summer. There are good things on the horizon and I'm terribly excited to travel, but it always comes with trade-offs. 

Once I start travelling, I move into the rhythm of being on the road. The car is organized, there's always climbing equipment, a camera and coffee cups on hand. Veda curls up in the passenger seat, and my folded maps are tucked into the back of the seat. Up until last fall, I didn't believe in using GPS to get somewhere. I like having to sit and read the maps, scattered with blue and red highway and interstate veins. 

I followed some of those veins down to Idaho for a couple days to see a friend of mine that creates amazing art. It's always so nice to feel at home when you arrive somewhere that's not yours. We talked about how the creative world is so competitive and how artists should encourage each other, and let go of the feeling of possession and competition. We talked about how there are two ways to live and act: with love or without love. And we tapped our boots to the deep voice of the iconic country singer, Don Williams. Well into his 70's, his voice sounds matched to his records, and it took me back to childhood, hearing my parents talk about how they danced to his songs at their wedding. It was a lovely time, tucked into the rolling Idaho hills, and I can't wait to go back. 


  1. Hi Becca,
    I used to live from season to season, never gathering much more than I could fit in my car and I dreamed of having a base when I was not away but now I have a base (and don't travel much anymore!) and daydream about the days on the road.

    Anyway I didn't come here to moan but to say I love the photos in the dunes, is it self portraits? Did you use the self timer? What camera equipment are you using?
    Sorry about all the questions but I have a curious mind :-)

    Cheers, Poul

    1. Hi Poul,

      Thanks for the words! It definitely takes a balance between traveling and home building, I've just got to find it :)

      To answer your questions: I'm using a self timer/remote trigger with my Canon 5d. For the dunes photos, I was using a 50mm 1.8

      Thanks for stopping by the blog-

  2. what an adventure! i am sure it was quite a nice time visiting with jillian...
    i love being home and i love traveling, it is the in-between that is actually so hard, the planning, waiting, packing, anticipating. that is what gets me.
    happy and safe travels, oh, and your photos are wonderful!

    little owl

    p.s. my faithful, furry companion is also named veda. she is with me pretty much everywhere i go!

  3. also, i was wondering if i may post a few of your photos from your blog onto pinterest? they are mighty inspiring!

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