Sunday, February 6, 2011

A beautiful day.

I went on a lot of photo shoots today. Two to be exact.
One was fun, playful, heart warming. I went out with three ladies I haven't gotten to spend very much time with yet, and we toughed it out in the snow. I am more than ready for summer to come. It's so much easier to shoot photos when you don't have to de-layer 5 jackets to get ready for the picture. It was so fun to relax, take fun photos of wonderful people and not take anything seriously.
The other shoot I went on was beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, I caught myself tearing up a couple times at the sheer beauty and talent that I was surrounded by. My friend, Lucas, played this song on his cello:

And my friend Krina danced however she felt moved to while he played. I tried to hold the camera and document everything but there were just moments where I could do nothing but stop and take the moment in. I'm so happy they chose to let me be a part of this collaboration and I'm so proud of both of their many talents they continue to amaze me with.

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