Thursday, March 10, 2011

The coasts

There are sometimes in your life where it feels like you are experiencing something from the outside, looking in.

I was flying in a plane back to Colorado on Monday morning. It was an early flight, and I slept on the plane. I woke up and looked out the window, and I could see the Rocky Mountains poking their heads out of a blanket of milky-blue clouds. The plane turned, and the earth seemed to bend beneath me. It was a moment of pure beauty and realization that everything fell into place this trip. I grew a lot, a lot of little steps in all of the right directions.

This trip for me was a affirmation that there are very like-minded people to me everywhere. The man I met on the airplane and I talked about the ignorance of many Americans who travel, and the beauties of experiencing cultures separate from our own. The woman I met on the way to San Diego on the airplane worked in a home for the Untouchables in Calcutta, India. And then a friend and I stayed with 3 couchsurfing hosts in San Diego who made us laugh uncontrollably. We stayed up late listening to stories around a fire outside and then went to the beach at 1 in the morning. It was a wonderful experience, and it's very safe to say that we are going to continue our couchsurfing adventures. I thoroughly recommend this to people. (plus it's free.)

I was young when my dad once told me that he and my Uncle would try a lot of different things until they found something that they were above average at. If they found that they were just average, they would quit. They wanted something that made them extraordinary. I grew up with this mindset. I don't believe in quitting everything, but I believe that there are some things that set people apart from others, and I feel pretty lucky to be surrounded by these people. Throughout this trip there were people I met that screamed "above average."

I crave this feeling of living a transient lifestyle when I'm away from it. The idea of not really belonging to anywhere or anyone, just living a life outside of anywhere in particular. I love drifting, moving, changing, anything that progresses and propels my life forward. I cried some happy tears on the way back to Wyoming that morning after I got off the plane. It was because it's hard to believe that this type of fulfilling happiness exists somewhere. It was even harder to believe that I get to experience it on a consistent basis through my travels and adventures.

I feel lucky.
I feel like I need to keep my life moving.
So, let's go to New Orleans.


  1. AMAZING pictures. Especially liked the light dinosaur. :) Took me like 10 mins to realise the nose sticking out of the car was a dog.

  2. WOW! My thoughts exactly :) ! Not to mention your beautiful photos, you just expressed what and how I feel as well. Thank you! I'm only saying "above average", "couchsurfing","I crave this feeling of living a transient lifestyle when I'm away from it", just to point out a few, even though I could easily repeat your whole blog word by word haha. Happy to hear you feel lucky, all the best for New Orleans then :)