Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As a photographer, my life revolves around time.

 I wear a very unfashionable watch that functions quite well and it kills me to be late to something. Mostly because, my job is to catch moments. I don’t typically take consecutive photos in a row because I like to work on that timing. I like to capture the moment when motion is taking place, or freeze a moment in time that seems unbelievable. I have rarely met a photographer that asks for “do-overs” because we excel at the right timing. As moment capturers, this is our job. Time is our best friend and can also be our worst enemy.  I feel like for the most part, time and I get along. I rush to get somewhere and make it just in time, or I catch a moment right as it happens. But when that time slips out of my hands and I miss it, it feels devastating. Those moments where you and the clock just barely miss each other…those are moments that I dread. It’s like the last light slipping away and not being able to unzip your camera bag soon enough, or just securing your lens in place as a moose runs across your path. Sometimes we miss moments.
I will work on catching them more often. 

After traveling back from Outdoor Retailer, it dawned on me that now is the time to make the big changes for my life. This includes adopting the cutest kitten you have ever seen:

It also includes eating things that make me feel good, important and worth taking the time to create. Like this delicious egg with spinach, pesto, and pepper jack cheese on a english muffin. Pair that with coffee, and you've got yourself a good morning.

It also means that I will find other options for work than the field I'm in right now. If it means living between paychecks for awhile, than that will have to happen. But doing anything else than writing and photographing would be torturing my soul, and we can't have that happen. You gotta do what you love, and this is not it. So, once again, I will step out into the big scary whole of unknown. 

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