Monday, February 6, 2012


While backing up photos this weekend, I found photos from my trip to Lander this past summer. I had decided to take a month off work before I left for Indonesia to simply, go live in my car. During that time I had several great memories that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

One of these memories was learning how to jug a route for photos. It was way harder than I imagined. Mostly because I didn't do it correctly, but it was such a good experience. While Kris was trying a route, I jugged up beforehand to get some photos of him trying Ghost Dance, an incredible looking route (if you want sweaty palms, just read his write up.) Getting ready to jumar, I attached two of these carabiners to my camera to protect it from falling while I was swinging around. It was a good learning experience: learning not only to keep my gear safe, but be multitasking to make sure I was safe as well. 
Kris Hampton working Ghost Dance
Kris packing it up at the end of the day.

I learned a lot about myself in the couple months over the summer. It's nice to feel like I have homes in a lot of places, not just one. Finding little pieces of yourself that you weren't expecting to find is a good feeling. I feel so lucky to have grown up exploring the sage plains and the high alpine meadows. Really, really lucky.

I miss wearing sandals and lying in the sun. But the layout for this summer is looking real nice. I got a job working for the absolutely wonderful Outdoor Nation events as their photographer. I'm also taking a whole month (!!!!) to go to Yosemite. It's just the pup and I that will be hanging out in a cabin for a couple weeks with friends coming and going.

In other news, this is what I've been up to lately: 

Sorry for the lack of text and the overload of photos. I can tell you that things have been a little different lately, but I'll write a longer post about that on a later date. For now, enjoy these photographs.

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