Tuesday, June 5, 2012

there are sometimes that things feel so sublime and beautiful. like the blue fog that set over a fire burned forest, and a storm cloud swallowing huge granite walls.
there is some sort of peace that i've found in these solitary moments where everything is a little blurry and i don't understand where my life is headed, but i just keep walking because it feels right.
Driving through the pines when this song is playing on my radio loudly and loving the colors that rain brings.
And there are some days that laying in bed and reading until the late morning and waking up alone in an empty cabin feels okay because the silence is welcoming and the quiet allows space for good thoughts.
I've been spending some time in Groveland with good people. This town collects all sorts of interesting souls and it's been fun to stumble into a community that i didn't know existed.

For the past couple weeks I've lived on couches. I left Yosemite when it started to become negative, and drove down to southern California for two weeks. I surfed, caught my first wave all the way into the beach, and collected some serious cinematic, perfect moments of happiness. I then drove back up to San Francisco, flew out of the airport to Telluride, Colorado where I had a gallery opening and a couple presentations. It was wonderful and I left feeling inspired for new project ideas and collaborations. Now, back in Yosemite, I'm drinking in the sunlight and the clouds. I spent a couple days with some really wonderful people and we spent some time climbing rocks and conversing about good life things.

Make homes in many places.

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  1. Becca, I'm so jealous of your Yosemite exploits. Also, your pics have gone from good to incredible...just so you know. -- Aaron