Monday, September 24, 2012


I needed the open space and to twirl underneath the aspen trees- to feel the Wyoming wind tangle up my hair and then set it back on my shoulders.

I was feeling greedy; for more time and more passion and for more understanding. Those brilliant yellows and oranges and reds of fall aspens always set me back into place- almost like they lift me up and set me back down a little lighter. 

I laid down in the middle of the grove because to me, it feels like a hammock, knowing that all the roots connect. Isn't that divine? A ground hammock. 

I'm taking some time off professional photo-shooting for the rekindling of my creativity. I'm just feeling so shy with these photos lately- so self conscious and fearful. I don't want my images to feel like that. I bare fractions of my soul with each one, and to be afraid is so unfortunate. 

The bravery will come with time.

There is something really comfortable about plans. But there is also something hideously boring about them. I always tend to have a rough one sketched out, but this fall there are hardly any...other than jumping on a plane and then taking a train down the coast and an additional stop in Yosemite to pay some tributes and thoughts to loved ones in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I'm embracing the cooler autumn temperatures and the cool breezes in the mornings. While I was living in the van, my favorite part was waking up to our pups cuddled down into our down sleeping bags, tucked in tight along our sides. 

And even though I complain about not having plans or consistent work, or traveling too much, or not traveling enough...I have to let you know, I am deeply happy with the people I am able to surround myself with. I am just too lucky.

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  1. Missing you chica. I know you're always unsure of what your next move SHOULD be or wondering what you COULD be doing instead... but the way you float and make your home where you land seems perfect for you. Home doesn't always have to be geographical. You have a home in our hearts always. Love you lady.