Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I arrived at the airport in San Francisco on a bus running late, and ran to the check in, just for them to tell me that it was too late to check a bag and I would have to reschedule a flight. And thanks to the kindness of some really nice people at the ticketing counter, they made sure I was on my flight down south.

We packed the car for desert bouldering and set off. Two hours later, we were driving through what looked like it could be a Dr.Suess painting of the moon. We ended up joining camp with a really wonderful couple living in their 1980 Westfalia van who I hope we will be friends with for a long time and we climbed until our skin was pink and raw from crystals.

The desert is one of my favorite landscapes. Dust bowl afternoons, coyote nights and cactus days.

I feel just as free there as I do in the high plains and I settle into the dusty living and warm mornings. I love waking up cold and laying in the sun to soak the warmth into my bones.

We played ukulele through the night and swigged cinnamon whiskey. I live the richest life, my friends. The richest life.

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