Sunday, November 22, 2009




so a trip through National Geographic to Patagonia might be in sight. Along on the trip would be myself, Mei Ratz (genious photographer, able to capture hearts and moments that many overlook) Spencer Duncan (also brilliant photographer, but in a different way- his ability to see the whole picture and shape it to a pleasing photograph is spectacular) and possibly another friend, an anthropologist, will shape our crew for the trip. we will see as it develops, I will let you know and keep you updated our our findings and our losses.

Recently I have been shooting so many photos that I don't know where to begin. My life feels like I'm being thrown through a tornado, scattered pieces here and there that I need to keep picking up and moving forward, all in different directions. For those of you who understand, no worries friends. As chaotic as it seems, it is good. Your life is moving forward and that is much better than having it be stagnant.

This past weekend has been wonderful and easy to coast through. Nice relaxing days even though my computer crashed on Tuesday. And even better news, i am now shooting 2 weddings this summer! What a wonderful start to my photography career! :) And patagonia might be squeezed between the two. What a kick ass summer that would be!

And now for some photos that I took a bit ago. How do they make you feel?

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