Thursday, August 5, 2010

Outdoor Retailer Show

In the past month, I have driven over 1000 miles by myself. 12 hours to Bozeman, 12 hours back. 8 hours to Salt Lake City, and then 8 more back next week. I have stacks of cd's and the back of the car is my closet. I've gone through 3 books. I brush my teeth on the side of the between appointments, meetings and jobs. I have watched more lightning storms than I can count and had to pull over during intense rainstorms due to a conveniently broken windshield wiper on my driver's side. Ok. I'm exhausted.

The best thing about all this traveling is meeting new people. Being able to get a glimpse in the life of someone who is passionate about their job and the world is special and I get to experience that often.

Now I'm at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. The words that I would choose to describe this? It is a chaotic, opportunity filled, networking pool for outdoor enthusiasts.

I've been networking and being social for not even a full day and I'm overwhelmed.
Things I have accomplished:

- I have exchanged multiple conversations with athletes, photographers, artists, and friends that I really look up to.
- I've seen more passion and excitement about outdoor adventure and exploration than I have ever experienced. It's inspiring.
- I have attempted to hail a taxi and have had my first taxi ride. It was a little anti-climatic but still a first.
- I have been asked for business cards (which will soon be ordered as soon as I return)
- I batted my eyelashes and said I was a student to get free parking. I don't even know what the student parking was for, but it saved me a 20 minute walk.
- I fell asleep, exhausted and happy with my life and where it is going.

The more I talk about what I'm doing with my life, my pursuit in photography and my career goals, the more confident I am about the choices I am making to get there. There are so many people that have helped me get to this point and have been so encouraging in the process.

I really am grateful for all these opportunities and encouraging words. Pictures are coming soon, check back in the next couple days.

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