Sunday, August 29, 2010

the word of the year is new

Cause they know and so do I
The high road is hard to find
A detour in your new life

The word of the year is new.
There are so many things that are changing. My life has been a tornado of chaos. Just a short sum of what has happened:

I got bored in Denver.
I left for Ten Sleep, Wyoming to climb for a final couple days of summer with one of my best friends.
For the first time all summer, I arrived at a house full of happy people. It was so good. I brought good food, and we laughed and talked and shared stories.
The next day we woke up and climbed until the skin on my fingers was torn and bruised.
We repeated this cycle: eating curry for dinner, eggs and avocados for breakfast, climbing until it gets dark, and then laughing and sharing stories until odd hours of the morning.
We cut each other's hair in the kitchen at 1 AM while listening to this Broken Bells song.
We left Ten Sleep a couple days later, happy about the time we had.

Fast forward 8 hours of driving and lonely highways and I am back in Laramie, getting ready for school.
New house.
New room.
New goals.
I went to class on the first day and loved it.
I went to class on the second day and was ready to quit school.

Now, my time is filled with cooking, taking the puppy for runs and doing homework. Sigh...this is the life I'll be living for the next 9 months until the sun hits this part of the world again. I can already feel it leaving.

My photos haven't been what I would like them to be lately.

And I drink approximately 3-5 cups of tea a day.

The place that holds my belongings for the next year.

The photo wall.

kitchen haircuts in the early morning hours.


  1. Your hair: Adorable
    Your photos: Inspiring
    Your writing: Beautiful
    Your tea addiction: Perfect

    If you need a winter break adventure or spring break outside the box - we'll have a couch awaiting you and, from what I hear, rocks aren't hard to find ;)

  2. Your pictures are amazing B don't think that they aren't. They keep me inspired to go out and make my own so thanks for that. Also didnt know you were a fan of the shins! way to be

  3. Becca...all those feelings you are having were me 30 years ago! So hard to step back into conventional society after being on the road, living LIFE! You look around and begin to think, "These other people just don't get it!" It's not that they don't get it, more likely, they just don't want it...freedom to move around and experience the world beyond their comfort zones.

    Hard as it is, embrace your time at UW, don't wish it away. Surround yourself with good people and seek out adventure along the way. Your restless footsteps will never fade, it is an integral part of who you are. In the mean time, enjoy the process, not just the end result!

    You inspire me!!!
    xoxo Kara (Ike)