Monday, September 20, 2010


One week ago I celebrated my twentieth birthday.
Absolutely crazy. I can't believe all that I have experienced in two decades of years on this planet. Awhile ago, when I was feeling like my life was too boring and I needed reminded of some incredible things I had done, I made a list of all that I was proud of in my life. The list ended up being 5 pages long. Truly, I am proud of myself for who I am, what I do, what I stand for, and who I have surrounded myself with.

My goals for my twentieth year:
-continue pursuing my passions
-have fun
-get to know some really great people
-stand in one spot in the world that no one else has stood
-conquer my fear of flying

I will put that last one into practice in a couple days when I fly to New Orleans, LA with a new, shiny Lowepro ( backpack to carry all my moment capturing equipment. I was chosen for a project through the school to photograph the 5 year difference since Hurricane Katrina.

I will keep you updated by taking photos every step of the way. I am also striving to use the video capabilities on my camera, since it takes HD videos.

Sorry for the quick update, I'll make sure to post an extra long entry when I return from my adventures in the hopeful city of N.O.

Wishing you many adventures of your own!

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