Wednesday, April 13, 2011

buried in a haystack.

"What is it about traveling to foreign places and inhabiting other spaces that is so alluring to those who can't sit still but must keep forever moving, jumping on and off trains, buses, breathing in takeoff anxiety, breathing out yes, I made it, I'm gone, off, away, this time to..."

How to live life slowly and thoughtfully:

-Make art and love it:
- Spend some time laughing:

- Drink coffee slowly.
- Sit in front of the wood burning stove and listen to my roommates play music in the morning while drinking tea.
- There are many.

More than anything, I've been trying to slow down. Remember. Think things through. Spend more time doing things carefully than rushing through just to get them done. Loving movement and concentrating on breathing. All these things are carefully thought through and not buried in rush.

I got to sit and talk to my dad over coffee and good food at a local diner. He told my roommate, Heidi, and I stories of adventures and traveling mis-haps. We laughed a lot and I always find myself asking for more stories, wanting more time to spend listening. He is a wise man, and someone who I admire more than I have words to express.

I went out to take photographs today because this song inspired so much emotion. I forgot it was Sunday, and the field is near a church. People kept driving on the road, watching me take photos, and I felt really self conscious and finally left after only twenty minutes.

Not having internet at home has allowed for a lot of time for things that matter, such as art. I haven't picked up pencils in years, and out of nowhere, the need to have something tangible on paper grew. I'm working on a drawing of Patagonia, Half Dome, and others. I'll post them when they are finished. It's nice to finally feel inspired to do things that are artistic. I've been incredibly moved to take photographs, write music, draw, paint, and write.

I'm really, really looking forward to the end of the year.

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