Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time flies

Enough has happened, that I feel like my life has dramatically changed, and all doors to the future have been pushed wide open.

First of all, we adopted a baby bunny whose name is Shackleton. He is probably one of the cutest things you will ever see, and he even curls up next to your neck when he sleeps. Melts my heart.

In this same weekend, I went on a photo shoot with my new Lowepro camera bag with my friend John Lloyd. John is a friend from Boulder, who I met on a climbing trip to Tensleep this past summer. I don't have a whole lot of photos of me shooting pictures/with my camera, so this was a fun opportunity to get some really quality stuff done by a good friend. It was a good time, it snowed hard, and we listened to bluegrass music all the way to location and back.

After the photo shoot, it was back to a week of school reality. It was a killer week as far as homework goes, and I had a lot of stuff on my mind, waiting for grants to come through for our team. That day, I had heard that a friend of mine was in a bad ski accident and was in the ICU. Just a day after that, I found out that I was awarded the National Geographic Young Explorer's Grant for our team's trip to Sumatra. It was a day full of lots of tears and laughs, as there was a big mix of anxiety, fear, excitement, opportunity, and happiness.

All of these events remind me how quickly that life has been moving. I always seem to be chasing, when maybe I just need to settle for a couple days. When life moves at such a quick pace, I tend to forget how fragile it is.

I drove home from Boulder, and saw that the snow was blowing off of the top of the peaks of the Rockies. I pulled off the highway and started driving down a dirt road to chase the light.

Life is short and fragile. I forget this a lot.
It takes 2 seconds for your life to change for the better or the opposite.
I need to slow down and take time to appreciate where my life is going.
My friend is out of the hospital, and I got to spend some time talking to him and his wonderful girlfriend today. I thoroughly enjoyed my time just sitting and hanging out. Not rushing to a meeting or a class, just enjoying.

We leave for Indonesia in 3 months.
And I will try my best to slow down.

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  1. These are some amazing shots Becca I'm entirely jealous! Way to go. Also I saw the profile of you with the GIANT LENS OF PRONESS and I got to say it seemed to suit you that you had a camera setup bigger than yourself. WINK! Cheers.