Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome to the Family.

But life is short, and sometimes it pays off to be impulsive.

I had a bad day on Monday. It was long, it was tedious, it was full of things that made my soul drown in sorrow. So..
I made a little trip.
And purchased 7 chicks.
These two Long Island Red's are named Simon and Garfunkel. They are pretty much twins, and the only way to tell their difference is Garfunkel is a bit more fluffy and talks less than Simon. They are quite a pair.

This one above is named Elephant (Nori's chick). She is much smaller than the rest, so delicate and doesn't like to be cuddled. She is an independent lady, at that!

My poor little JalapeƱo. The first night we got her, she was the smallest of the bunch and the most talkative. We ran out of the house to purchase a heat lamp and when we returned, she was close to the verge of death. I held her in front of the heat lamp for 20 minutes while frying my fingertips. She is now alive and kicking and will grow up to be so sassy- I just know it.

Duck is my absolute favorite. She sits in my hand and presses up against my face when I listen to her talk. She will sleep in my hands, neck or pocket- whichever one looks most comfortable and warm. She is the little song of my soul.

Rick is Heidi's chick. He has quite the personality, as we found out very quickly after we brought him home. He likes to dig in the food and talks as loudly as he can when someone walks in the door.

Last but not least is the poor unnamed chick. She talks quite a bit when she is separated from the group. Our new house crew:
3 girls
2 dogs
1 rabbit
1 guinea pig
1 cat
7 chicks

It turned out to be a good impulsive decision. They have been an excellent stress reliever for the end of the year when things seem to all be colliding. Collision is always an interesting thing. Recently, it's like many different knots of my life have all become one big, seemingly overwhelming knot. I'm trying to have faith that this will all come to pan itself out.

In other news, I got asked to put a photograph of my choice that will stand along with a little plaque in the new Lowepro office. I'm so proud to be associated with this wonderful company, and I'm extremely flattered that they are willing to have me as part of the team.

*as a note for this music choice...I saw these guys live last night. It was a small room in our student center and they played acoustic for us while we sat on couches- hands down one of the best live shows I've been to. Seriously, check them out.

Be the best you can be. Live impulsively from time to time.

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  1. great chick update Becca. Thanks. Chickens can be good pets. My sis met a lady on the alaska ferry goping from Juneau to Sitka who was carrying a pet cage ..............with 3 full size chickens!