Monday, May 2, 2011

We bonded over broken bones

The weather is grey but the future is bright.

It's been one crazy past year, let me just tell you. I looked back today at where I was a year ago, and was amazed at the time, space, distance, people and situations that have changed.

Almost one year ago I made a pilgrimage to a place that I lived in fear of for so long. Making that step has forever changed the way I have lived my life. Stepping out into something that feels fearful, is just that- fearful. It may hurt, it definitely will not be easy, but sometimes it's necessary for growth.

I think I'm feeling a little sentimental lately because things have been falling into place. I haven't been hitting any brick walls, its just all worked out eventually. Isn't it odd to find little fractions of your soul in places and people you wouldn't have thought you would find them in? This is what keeps me hoping, and this is what keeps me having faith in the world. So I catch myself giving in to feelings of impulsion and happiness because doing that has led me to now. And now is not so bad at all.

So all that I can tell you is that tragedy is tragedy. But the hope that I have found in tragedy is that it brings beautiful people together. So I have to keep thinking that life doesn't end when something awful happens, because for me it hasn't. Life goes on, as cliche as that sounds, I believe it. It's important for me to live a life that encourages others to sweep up their opportunities and love wholeheartedly. I sometimes describe my life as circles, as teacups or bowls. One of my favorite books is about a woman describing her life as a bowl-sometimes it gets filled up, sometimes it is emptied. The thing that I have come to learn about life is that it is a series of overlapping circles. I realize that everything is connected, and I wouldn't be here, in this moment, without a moment of past experience leading up to this point.

I found this from a post I wrote almost a year ago:
My life is hundreds of thousands of still frames, trying to capture my wild heart and ideas. My heart is not collecting dust.

So I encourage you, don't let your heart collect dust. Take a look back at your life circles. I'm just trying to show people what the most beautiful parts of my life are by taking photographs. By doing this, I hope others will show me their beautiful lives as well. I have hope that you won't give up.

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