Thursday, June 23, 2011


Next week is my last week of work. In 10 days I will pack my car full of 1 backpack, a bike, my guitar and harmonica, a puppy and my climbing gear. For two weeks I'll be living in my car exploring the great depths of Wyoming and possibly Montana (if I have time.) There are a lot of subtle fears I have for this upcoming trip to Indonesia, and I need some time to think them out on my own.

All I have wanted all this summer is to go live in my car. For most, I know how ridiculous this sounds. Most reactions are ones of horror and misunderstanding. I was also told "I don't think you understand- living in your car won't be glamorous." Oh, trust me. I know. Not having a home base for an extended period of time definitely has it's downsides. At times I don't feel secure, I have to constantly put up with myself with no company but my dog, and a car only allows for so much room and privacy. But the upsides?
Free Roads Ahead
Endless Options
Living on tortillas and watermelon to compensate for the gas prices it will take to get to the next location
New people
A lot of time to think
Getting to read books and play music
Being uncomfortable and learning how to deal with it
Good stories
Time to write adventures down on pages
Chasing the sun until it sets
Rock climbing
Longboarding and biking
The patience that comes with waiting out bad weather
Brown shoulder tops from sitting outside for hours on end
and most of all..

I definitely don't expect everyone to understand this. But the feeling (for me) of not being tied down to a job, limited responsibilities, the ability to disappear into the backcountry without a cell phone or computer for awhile, to really understand myself better...all of this culminates and builds in me while I'm staying in one place.

So those of you who understand or are wishing for travel, I hope you are finding adventures of your own. I'll be headed to Lander first (in preparation for the International Climber's Festival) so if you find yourself around or within photo distance, give a holler and drop a line.

By the way- my friend Katie is in town. I met her in New Orleans while I was photographing the 5 year difference from Hurricane Katrina back in October. The only word that I know how to describe Katie is, is my soul sister. And I'm ever so grateful for the endless encouragement and conversation that she allows me. We went out to shoot photos today and she willingly sat in mosquito infested flower fields for the sake of the photos. What a lady.

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  1. You two are soul sisters based on photos alone. This post was fantastic, making me wish I was back out there wandering alone once again. Surely i will be able to take this time off for a road trip of similar style soon :). Excellent post Becca!

    Don't fear the roads less traveled, the countries around you nor the loneliness that is brought on in such journeys. These are as you already know beautiful learning curves to who you are to be in the near future. I have seen the growth in you sense we first met. All your travels and experiences will guide you into the mature, humbling, stable minded woman i know you to be. Much comes from these adventures... and struggles. Your friend Katie is of one thing you have lived to enjoy so far :)

    This post was inspiring, true to heart and exactly what I wanted to hear for your sake and for my own piece of mind. Much love my friend. Your are brilliant.