Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've been feeling pretty negative as of late. So for the past couple days, I've been trying to concentrate on little actions; giving them my full attention and being 100% in what I do. It is definitely not easy.

This is the first house I have lived at with a yard since I moved to Wyoming, and we have now planted a garden in an old tub and sink. My roommate also built a compost bin and a chicken coop for our little babies who are now awkward teenage chickens.
I sat outside yesterday and pruned the tree in our yard: break away the old branches, make room for new ones...a good metaphor for life, don't you think? I cleared out the tree until most all of the old, dead branches were in a messy pile to my left. It was nice to see a project from start to finish.

We also recently had a bbq for a couple friends who were going away. One of my most favorite parts of living in this house is that we host people all the time. I grew up this way, with people coming and leaving the house, visiting for a couple days at a time at random intervals of years. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I lived in a place where we have that happen every weekend.

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