Thursday, March 22, 2012

westward feelings

I needed this trip more than I can explain to you. I get caught up in a cyclical effect in a small town and needed to break free of that. So my best friend and I packed our bags and flew West for some sunshine. 

There are sometimes that the beauty of things hits me so hard that tears well. We drove fast and ate delicious food and laughed and laughed and laughed. 
Silhouettes of people watching waves and learning how to study them. 
Walking along crowded beaches to lay hands on a starfish. 
Laughing until I cry. 

Standing up on a surfboard for the first time in a whole lifetime and not being able to stop grinning because the moment is happy, happier than many in a long, long time. 
Getting brainfreezes from 50 degree waves. 
Learning more about how water works. 
Being so sore from surfing and climbing and moving that muscles ache. Drinking good whiskey, drinking more good beer. 
Telling stories that make you laugh and wonder and make you understand why people believe what they do. Watching sunsets that warm you to your core and wind blowing in your hair so that it tangles a little more than you would like. 

Inspiration so pure that it is blatant and honest and tangible.

Through examples, I saw how to love people more, be a better person, try new things, laugh at myself. These things are all important and necessary in the world. I'm so lucky to have the people in my life. 

there is something pure about good finding that you are more intrigued by what they have to say then by what you have to tell them. that is beautiful 


  1. Thanks for living a beautiful life and sharing beautiful sounds, words and photos to bring such realness to it. Occassionally, I find myself envying you...then I recall the beauty of my life and see the truth in your words as true in my life while also calling forth a greater intentionality and spontaniety on my end...and for that, I once again find myself grateful for your friendship.

  2. your pictures are amazing. i've never missed the coast more.

  3. I am your newest fan. Just thrilled to have met you. you are amazing.
    Can't believe you didn't put the redneck doing the splits in your blog though. :)