Thursday, May 13, 2010

CA Trip Update

So I wake up every morning to eat a bowl of Organic vanilla yogurt, raisin bran granola with fresh raspberries on top. I can sit outside and let my feet bask in the sun and I think about life and love and happiness and missing people.

I'm missing some people right now. It's odd to be around these people for so long and then have them immediately go on separate adventures in different places around the world for a couple months. I know we are all doing good things but I can't seem but to miss their presence.

I guess more than most, right now I'm missing my uncle. This is the whole reason I took this trip. I wanted to find little pieces of my soul and I guess I have. The more I've tried to look I've found I've just gotten frustrated with not finding what I expected. So I dropped the expectations, I sat back, and experiences just fell into my lap.

So far:
1. I have flown in an airplane, and out of panic because of turbulence, I passed out. I am able to laugh at myself now, but at the time, it wasn't funny at all.
2. I went to the beach and let my soul spin in circles with the waves. Parts of my hair turned into curls and I dug my feet in the sand.
3. I went to the North Face headquarters and I talked about sustainability with fantastic people who are making a difference.
4. I went sailing under the Golden Gate bridge while the sky turned into a shiny gold and brought out the layers of the hills in the distance. I also shook in my boots while the boat turned sideways and the captain assured me that the sailboat wouldn't flip. And then we sailed sideways for awhile. We shared homemade guacamole and chips while gazing at the San Fransisco skyline, sailed to a restraunt for dinner and then sailed home, while one by one the lights of the city started to shine.
5. I bought a new Patagonia dress and got my toenails painted the orange color in the flowers of the print, I sat and ate a dark chocolate raspberry bar with a cream soda by a river and next to giant redwood trees that made me feel like I was so tiny.
6. I saw a houseboat village, kayaked in the Bay and saw how a seal gets up on a dock (for being ridiculously fat, it wiggles it's way up without hands! it's crazy!)
7. I met and talked to a professional photographer, geeked out to old cameras and lenses and watched bees fly around for an hour, trying to freeze them in time.

I am astounded by the magic that I am feeling constantly in this place. I wish I could share it with you, and hopefully my photographs will help with that a little bit more. I am loving so fully each day, and I am constantly amazed at the people I am meeting. Each one has such an incredible story.

Even though I passed out on the plane, I did enjoy the airport. I'm always so intrigued that the people you cross paths with there, those are people you probably would never meet anywhere else. I talked with a guy who was on a business trip from Germany, I heard a heavy conversation of a couple next to me who fought at the beginning of the plane ride and then made up at the end. I watched parents adore their children and a couple that just come back from a honeymoon that were so caught up in each other it made my heart grin.

I know this post hasn't been organized at all, but I like it like that. I think that this entire trip has been good so far and I have been having such an incredible time. Tomorrow we are headed to San Fransisco and then the next day to Yosemite. I'm starting to gather all the parts of me that are brave. I'm trying.

In the mean time, I miss you and hope you are out on an adventure of your own.

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