Saturday, May 1, 2010

it's may!

this song makes me want to love uncontrollably. It makes me want to curl up and read a dusty book that speaks to your soul and it makes me understand what is good in the world.

Things have been rapidly changing here. For one, the weather has been very bipolar and hasn't made up it's mind whether it wants to cry, or to freeze your toes off, or occasionally, if it wants you to have decent t-shirt weather.

I guess summer will come soon enough. In speaking of summer, it reminds me of how things have been going lately. Summer means school is almost over, I'm moving houses, and I'm loving as much as my heart can take.

All this means so much change. This house that I am in right now has held me together for a year of ups and downs. Living here with 4 other girls has provided so many memories in this orange box of a room. And now, moving onto a new chapter, I am trying to adjust to the new place. It's a basement, which means little sunlight, and I apologize in advance if I complain about that too much. But it is a change.

I guess I feel like I am scrambling to hold on to anything consistent right now. With all the change, everything is new and I am searching high and low to find something comfortable. So far, it has been my puppy and my camera. Those are the only two things that I know will not leave my side.

Cleaning out my room has also brought up so many more questions like, "how did this get here??", "where on earth am I going to place this in the new house?" and, "how long has this spoon been behind this bookshelf...?" so until I answer those questions here are some photos:

keep looking forward.

I keep waiting for you to come home.

remember what I did for lent? your name is in this jar.

all that is left of my room.

I got a rose the other day.
this made me grin so big.

the last days.

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