Monday, July 12, 2010

back and packing

I'm back to the real world after a month and a half of being separated from everything you can't use in the back country.

I'm exhausted.
I learned more about myself in 3.5 weeks than I have in an incredibly long time.
I'm moving to Bozeman after college. I love it here.
I have taken some of my most favorite photographs ever.
I lived in a tent for a month, I'm psyched to have a bed in a couple days.
This technology and society is overwhelming, so I'm leaving again to go play in the mountains.
I learned how to be myself, let go of silly things and become a more independent person.
I have never felt more like a leader.
I feel like I worked for the money I earned more than any other job I've ever had.
I've listened to more Lady Gaga and Ke$ha than I have ever wanted to. ever.

Being separated from technology, I realized that I concentrate too much on little things. I enjoyed traveling around and not having roots, living in a tent and loving everywhere we went. I learned that maybe I am not prepared for the career I had in mind.

I feel like my world shifted and suddenly I'm miles from where I came into this at. I feel 10 times more independent and happy with my life, even if I don't know where it's going.

For the next week, I don't know where I'm going. I don't know what I'm doing, I'm miles away from home and I'm tired of being immersed in this culture again.

I'm off to love every wildflower,


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  1. Welcome, fellow vagabond!
    I hope the world of open roads, sagebrush and endless possibility is as good to you as it is to us! Hope to see you soon!
    Love, B