Monday, July 26, 2010

we grow

Coming back into the 'real world' after a month of camping has been difficult. I feel myself pulled to be things I don't want to be or places I don't care to go. I get sucked back into being a consumer, in the never ending cycle of spending money on worthless things. Living life out of two backpacks and a camera case was easy.
I only had a couple selections of clothing, I only brought what I needed. And coming back has been overwhelming. How do you drift soundly back into the thought that more is better? It's not and somehow we've come to live that way.
It bores me to be indoors, I miss the feeling of chasing sunlight and going to sleep knowing that the stars were just above my head, no ceiling separating me from them. I miss dealing with the weather as it came, because there was no other option. I miss feeling this fulfilled by only living simply.

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