Monday, July 20, 2009


things that I have done today that I feel are worth mentioning:
I woke up in a beautiful house alone and made a huge breakfast for myself while listening to great music.
I finally got two of the teachers from the class I belay for to climb the entire wall which I can imagine, if you don't climb, is very scary.
I layed on warm pavement after it rained and got to see the cold rain mist off the road.
I jumped in puddles and got mud between my toes.
I played guitar for hours and was taught a couple more chords.
I had a wonderful and eye opening conversation about life, religion, the war, and its after effects with a new friend.
I feel like that conversation taught me a lot about life and the way I live.
I haven't been sleeping lately, a lot has been on my mind. I feel like lately people don't believe in me which makes me doubt myself and what I can do. Just keep remembering that only you know yourself best. Who can judge you if they haven't experienced the same thing at the exact same time? no one.

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