Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's funny how sometimes I have a photo idea in my mind and it turns out nothing like I expect. I try not to have "expectations" for these kinds of things, but just have a loose plan of what I want to do.
What ends up coming out is a mix between my vision beforehand, the lighting at the time and my subconscious thoughts and feelings.
I realize after I take a lot of my photographs how much of my emotions come into play, despite trying to keep them out of it sometimes.

I've been fighting some battles lately. A battle with society that says my success is based on how well I do in school, if I graduate, if I even went in the first place.
I've been fighting battles with being "in between". A friend and I talked about this yesterday, how it is so frustrating to be in the middle of two feelings, between an 'in' or 'out' and just having to be sitting on the line.
One of the biggest battles I fight constantly is my desire to go. I have a fear that if my life gets into a routine, I will get caught in it and not be able to get out. I don't have any desire to settle down and start making big life plans. If a door opens, I will most likely take it because, well, it's there.
Everyone is fighting something, and I forget that sometimes.

You can't compare tragedies, no ones is more painful than someone else's. It's the same with battles. Everyone's battles are important, are worth being listened to and acknowledged.

so fight as hard, best and fair as you can.

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