Tuesday, November 16, 2010


You must be living on wildfires.
Thats why your eyes
are smoke and ash

You must be living on earthquakes
You must be living on earthquakes
Must be why my heart breaks
everytime you pass

Oh no matter how I try
I just watch you blow by
In a lens

I've been feeling the weight of heavy changes that are rapidly approaching. I find myself missing people and memories before they even pass. It's the stepping on egg shells while time counts down that I don't like. How do you live in the present when you know that the present will soon be the future? It's something I struggle with.

**on a side note, I realized I have no legit idea how to put makeup on. I spent 40 minutes smothering shimmery things on my eyelids and only came out looking like a 4 year old that had gotten into her mother's make up bag.

also, I am tired of taking self portraits.

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