Monday, November 1, 2010

oh, just things.

I thought I would do this after my friend Brittany did hers. (

Dreams, Aspirations, Loves, Thankfulness.

I have a lot of all of these things that I keep in my pockets everyday.


1. I want to be so, so proud of everything I have accomplished in life. I am so far. Throughout tragedies, I have become a better person, more open to love. Those of you that have done the same, give yourself a pat on the back. You are good.

2. Along the same lines as #1..I talked to someone this summer about her life goals and how she was going to go to India. I told her that I thought this was so exciting for her, and that it would be amazing. She replied with "yes, but when you're surrounded by people who are all doing great things, going to India is something that most people It's not exciting." I have vowed to never, ever live life this way. I am surrounded with people doing great things, I appreciate their amazing talents and aspirations and I hope to never adapt the idea of one of my life goals as being "just something else."

3. I have a friend who constantly supplies me with tools and opportunities to achieve my dreams. Despite our age difference, she is one of my closest friends. I hope that I can one day help someone reach their dreams like she has for me.

4. I don't care if I'm a "successful" photographer by other people's means. I strive to take photographs for me, so I can remember these moments, both the beautiful and sublime ones.

5. I've come to terms with the fact that being a photographer, a drifter and a vagabond is a solo job. It is lonely traveling from place to place by myself and leaving an empty house to go to a empty hotel room or another empty house. Thinking about the future, I don't want to live this way forever. I don't want to put my career before love. But I hope that someone will appreciate this lifestyle and will come on adventures with me.

6. I have a list of things to do before I die. I have checked almost half of them off since I made it at 13 years old. I keep adding things to the list. Recently the additions have been: do humanitarian work in Africa, finish college with a degree, and take black/white portraits of all the most important people in my life. I have absolutely no doubts that I can do all of these. The second one is one I'm struggling with.

7. I hope to be more like my parents. They are so patient and when I tell them that I'm going to go to scary parts of the world, they don't hold me back and say they don't think it's a good idea. They voice concern but they have complete faith in my abilities. Always supportive, they encourage me in whatever I decide to do. And when I'm feeling wild and contained, they let me go. That must be difficult.

8. I would like to do more mountain based climbing because selfishly, I want to summit. The tangible achievement of making it to the highest, tip-top is something I want to experience.


1. I don't give enough credit to those who truly inspire me consistently:
Mei ( her artwork constantly has me in tears at the beauty and emotions.
Jade ( her artwork is what forced me to push myself in the beginning, she makes me want to be a better person.
Jimmy ( his support and photographs amaze me on a daily basis.
Connor ( the wonderfulness that keeps me smiling and thinking about the world in a different way.
Nori- although she doesn't have a virtual place for her art, the way she considers the world makes me so glad that I am a part of her life. One of the best ones I know.
Lynsey ( this girl is making things happen in the world.
Krina- ( she always knows what is good in the world. She also gives some of the best hugs.
Renan ( - I'm constantly inspired by his artwork, talent and humbleness.
Colette ( inspiration and things well done in the world.
My parents are wonderful people as well.

2. If you aren't on that list, you should be. Its knowing that people care about what I have to say, and come here to read it that inspires me to keep updating, to keep writing and share.

3. I'm extremely thankful for the amount of opportunities that have come my way in regards of education. I am working on being more consciously thankful for this.

4. I am so grateful for the things that have happened in the past year of my life. There have been a lot of amazing trips that I have been blessed with, and I want to use this to better the world and let people know that life is good. I hope I share that through my photographs.

5. I cannot believe the amount of joy and love that has been brought to me through my pup. Sometimes we are so similar, it terrifies me. Either she adapted my personality or we were meant to be together. I think it's the second one.

6. My faith is so important to me. I am thankful I have it to always rely on. I also am grateful for my open mindedness towards religion/faith in general. I respect that people believe in different things and I acknowledge that not everyone agrees. But I think having some sort of faith is good. I am striving to have more of it.

7. I'm extremely thankful for my ability to laugh at myself. It makes my life so much more enjoyable when I can realize that I am awkward sometimes and that I blush easily. I laugh at myself a lot.

8. Lastly, I'm grateful for the ability to move, to feel, to climb and appreciate the movement in my bones. I am one of the lucky ones.

Thanks for all that you do.


  1. Becca, I hope you realize how much you personally contribute to others' lives and how very much you enhance the world we live in. You are Beautiful and Amazing, inside and out. Although we have never met, I appreciate how openly you share your life and your heart with us all, inspiring us to live more authentically and fully. Your words and your art are treausured gifts. You simply Rock the world, Becca! Thank You! Let your Soul's compass be your Guide. With much warmth and affection, Lezlie ((( : )

  2. Cool post sista, Thanks for the shout out! :) xo