Monday, November 8, 2010


Today I woke up anxious despite the relaxing weekend I had.
A group of friends and I backpacked a couple miles back into Vedauwoo and then camped there for the night. Veda slept in my sleeping bag...not very comfortable, but a good memory nonetheless.

So today when I felt like everything was piling up, I took off. I try not to do this often, as I felt today like I was running away, but I knew that the only thing that could calm me down was some much needed solitary photo time. I like days like this, where I drive out of town with Veda in the car with me. It's just the two of us with the music turned loud, and the thought that if I wanted and chose, we could just keep driving to who knows where. Thinking this makes me feel less restrained and bottled up.

I balance things like this. When I have a big project or paper due, when things seem too overwhelming, I take off time and go out by myself. I need the time to laugh or cry and just feel the ground beneath me.

Today there was no golden sunset, but dark snow clouds moving in. It's been so warm here, I almost forget it's wintertime. I didn't mind though, today, when the sun was setting behind these giant blues. It made for a sublime sort of feeling, sort of what I have been thinking about. So when I got out to my favorite photo taking field, I spent just a couple minutes laying on the ground and breathing. It was good.

I know I uploaded a lot of photos from today, but truthfully, I like a lot of them. I didn't take a lot of 'happy looking' photos either, but I think that this makes them even more emotional and connected for me.

I'm ready for the next adventure.

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  1. Hello! I am a climber with a pup named Veda, too! (Named for everyone's favorite Wyoming, off-width-climber incubator but just finding out about the Vedas in India!)