Saturday, January 15, 2011

For right now, I don't have a lot words I'd like to write to you. I've just got photographs that talk. But some random little things I'd like to share:

I'd like to think that my self portraits are a visual journal of my days and moods. I get inspired by my emotions, whether it is happiness or freedom or loneliness or feeling hopeful, I try to reflect that.

I'm learning how deep rooted love is. I'm trying to give up some parts of this love and it's taking longer than I want to be uprooted and taken care of. It just feels like sinking sometimes.

I realize how much I thrive on sunlight. When it's cold and dark, my mood goes down significantly. I have sworn to myself that I will move into a house next year that has sunlight and is not in a basement.

I'm trying unbelievably hard not to give into loneliness. That isn't a pity call, it's just a statement. I've seen people form relationships out of the base of the lonely feeling and let's face it: it never turns out well. I am filling my time now with things that are more fulfilling and will last. Music, making food, editing and taking photos.

I'm not entirely sure that the people who live upstairs from me understand that the floors are paper thin. My chandelier is currently swinging back and forth due to what sounds like a basketball game going on.

I believe in a lot of little things like handwritten thank you notes.
Free coffee and heart shaped, handmade bagels.
Christmas cards sent a month late.
and incredible thrift store finds.

accidental photo of myself grinning past the point where it should stop.
You know those grins that take up too much of your face? Yep, this is one of 'em.
i am an Eskimo today.

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  1. You look like you might split your face in two if you smile any bigger. Love the Eskimo look and all the new photos. Cheers!