Sunday, January 2, 2011


Untie yourself from the ships that have been left in the harbor. They have sat for far too long and you can see the rings around the bottoms now; burnt orange in color and continuous along the sides. The stale watermarks are reminders of how caged they must feel, tethered to those posts with barnacles attached.

Unwrap yourself from the books with cracking spines. Can you do this without putting your damage on display? Gather up those jars from the windowsills and lay them out. Fill them with things that remind you of dust and weekend trips, silver bracelets around your wrists and dog eared photographs.

I will keep these memories in my pockets until it is time to let them go again.


I wrote this yesterday, and I feel like it accurately describes all the feelings lately. I start school next week. And truthfully, I am terrified.

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