Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've been feeling pretty delicate lately.

I haven't been getting enough sleep and I've been working consistently, trying to juggle writing grants, going to school and working 2 jobs- I have hardly anytime for climbing or any sort of enjoyable thing.

I think the only word I fit right now is 'fragile.' I feel like at any moment things get overwhelming, and I catch myself feeling like I'm sinking. I have a lot of really, really good people in my life who have been my life support in the past 3 weeks since school started.

Today is the first day of the past 3 weeks that I haven't had something to do. Starting tomorrow it will get busy again until the weekend. So today, when the light hit the most beautiful spot in the sky, I put on my best "almost spring" clothes and grabbed the keys. I love this river and I have spent a lot of time here. They put the nicest stones on the shore that makes me feel like I was in a book when I skipped over them. I sat and drank in the sunlight and really appreciated the time off.

I'm pretty tired of feeling like I barely made it through the week.

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