Saturday, April 3, 2010

its been a little too long

and I've been putting off writing here because sometimes I feel like I don't have anything valuable to say.

we teach ourselves how to fit.
(people keep asking me if this is a library. This is my basically the same thing.)

I was feeling a little out of inspiration, a little drained from school and exams. And then someone told me to go outside, that the notebooks full of information would wait, and the sun would not. To be more specific he said, "a grade is just some ink on a dead tree."

So I set off with the puppy across into my front yard, a huge field full of interesting smells for her and lots of inspiration for me. I always feel so inspired, a space this open encourages my creativity to come spilling out.

Also, I went home for Easter weekend.
More pictures to come.
But, for now, I am tired. And although I wrote 3 paragraphs,
I don't feel like any of it was worth sharing.
So it has been deleted, and that is all for now.


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