Monday, March 29, 2010


Ah friends. It is almost that time again.

The time of the year where I like driving with the windows down with silver cuff bracelets around my wrists and the wind tasting like happiness and adventures and wild things.
The time of the year where I play music in my vehicle very loudly that have instruments that sing to my heart like banjos and harmonicas.

It is also the time of the year that I feel positive. It might be the dramatic increase in vitamin B, but I feel like my life, no matter where it goes, it will be good. I was just thinking today:

question: what if the grant doesn't go through and 6 months of work doesn't cut it?
answer: it will be alright, the amount of networking and the entire process will help you in the future.

question: what if I am never "successful"?
answer: what the heck is successful anyways? and who is the judge of whether you are or are not? It is all you.

question: where is my life going?
answer: wherever the breeze decides to take me, wherever I choose to plant my roots.

I am starting on a photo project. It will be ongoing, and it will hopefully involve you. I would like to tell your story. Specifically:

what makes you come alive?
What encourages you to keep living day to day and do what you do?
What drives you?

The photo project is called "I will tell your story". What I am hoping is that people will volunteer for this, and I won't have to ask. I think everyone has a story that is worth telling, and I would like to be the one to tell it. Please be a part of it?

find peace.

p.s. I bought a polaroid camera and am in love with it.

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  1. Hey Becca!
    I totally volunteer! I just wish I lived there! haha I love the work that you're doing and it's definitely going to take you places.
    I love you!!
    Kate Biernat