Monday, March 15, 2010

watching water.

I went outside today and sat for 3 hours watching water droplets fall. That sounds boring when I write it down but it made me look at everything so much closer.

The edges of the wooden steps were green with moss, following the pattern of the rings in the wood. The brown leaves were damp and plants that looked like baby cattails had raindrops sitting on their whiskers. I sat in one spot and cleared away the leaves so that the green grass wasn't suffocated anymore.
I have been doing a lot of this, trying to pay attention to the little things. And in doing this, I have noticed that it helps me remember so much that I get caught up forgetting.
I have been really arguing back and forth about watermarking my photos that I put on Facebook. I have recently become aware that they are being saved to people's computers. If you respect me or my artwork...please, don't do that. I really don't want to start watermarking my pictures because I feel like it takes so much away from them. But I don't want people to be printing them off and not knowing where they are going either. My photos are little pieces of my heart and I would like to know where they end up or what they are being used for.
On a more positive note, I was looking through old photo albums last night that my parents had. I found the VERY first roll of film I have ever taken. A lot of the pictures are out of focus, blurry and just not good at all (after all, I mean...I was 6) but there are 2-3 good ones that I think I am going to edit and post. I also found a picture of myself with a camera around my neck. I was beaming when I found these; especially since I can remember taking them. Photo albums are some of my most favorite possessions, for reasons I will explain in a future post.

Spring makes me optimistic and thats how I'm feeling about the world right now.

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