Sunday, March 7, 2010

something beautiful

we are both that, we can see stars when it's daylight.

Every time I see this picture of the birds it makes me cry a little. Not in the 'I am sad sense', but in the, 'I am making it through today' sense. It is amazing to me, that we can wake up and start a new day. Time keeps going, people move on and people love again. But we are all making it through the day. Cry if you need, love stronger and be drained, but we will make it through the day. And we will wake up tomorrow and live again.

After seeing a friend's dance performance (Krina i love you and you did wonderful) I am obsessed with The Album Leaf. They make the kind of music that makes me feel something when I listen, and they can do it without words.

Music without words is kind of like photographs, it has to move you without using words.

I went to church this morning. The kind of community that gathers there is awesome. Today's sermon was on relationships and conflict within them. The best, best, best, thing I have heard in a long time:

Relationships aren't measured by the amount of conflict. They are measured by the way the conflict is dealt with.

The pastor was saying that if we don't have conflict in our relationships, we aren't moving. We aren't getting closer to one another. And if it is dealt with in a healthy way, conflict is a good thing. Be a peacemaker.

Time to fix things.

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  1. Thank you for the new favorite band!
    If you haven't yet, you should research the band Sigur ros. They are from Iceland and though there are words, being in another language makes it like another instrument in the song. (for me anyway)