Monday, December 7, 2009

the attic, finally a post about rock climbing.

The best climbing gym in Laramie is about the size of a dorm room. There are no specific problems, just a whole bunch of holds on 3 walls of different angles. I wish I could describe to you, how the brick walls freeze in the winter time and its about 20 degrees in this little place until you turn on the heater, which makes it about 35 degrees. and I wish I could describe to you how the floor is all crash pads, and foam so when you fall, you bounce. And I wish I could accurately describe the holds on the wall, its like being in a candy shop; all the colors and shapes, just ready to throw you off the wall and rub it in your face; taunting you that you aren't strong enough to hold on. Yet.Every week there is a group of us that goes in to The Source,
turns up the reggae or the rap all the way, and huck ourselves at plastic shapes in hopes of catching them to build our muscles.

This gym is a coop and survives solely on members paying for their keys each month. I love this community.
nori working out the moves of a problem
t'was a project
nori being strong
working on a problem
nori picking out the tunage. Probably State Radio or Atmosphere
This picture is by Alli Rainey, she came through Laramie this summer. Quality person. Quality session.
*NOTE that these pictures were taken during the summer looks like this during the winter time but everyone is wearing down jackets and showing as little skin as possible.

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  1. Very awesome. Love the photos. Check out May enjoy some of my reads! Keep writing!