Thursday, December 17, 2009

taking the keys and running.

so it was getting boring at home yesterday, i have spent way too much time on my computer editing things for Chile, and not enough time with my dog. My mom agreed to take care of Veda for the day if I wanted to go I took the keys and ran towards the mountains. There was something about driving towards the big flatirons with my favorite songs turned up too loud that just helped me breathe.
So I settled in Boulder for the night, climbed till my muscles hurt, sung in the car until I lost my voice and got about 6 hours of bad sleep. It was great.

The rest of the day eventually became more rushed, running from place to place. chaos. not fun.

On a separate note, I need some vitamin B. I need to have more sunlight in my system. And since it is currently dark outside, I am hoping that I can vicariously get some sunlight through these pictures. Wish for warm weather and summer to come soon.

Photo adventure soon. Be excited for coming photos.
two peas in a pod.
flying, zooming, coasting.
the jungle dog, yawning as she scouts for things to chase.
check out that vitamin b sun rays. miss it.
the road less traveled by.

wishing you lots of sun.

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