Sunday, December 13, 2009


The website is up and running! So exciting!!

It was a great deal of investment (such as time and money), but it will be worth it. I'm sure. Now that school is out, I am focusing most of my time on researching indigenous tribes in Chile. I am learning more about South American geography, culture and history than I ever thought possible.

Even if this project does not go through, the amount of networking I have done and friendships that I have established throughout the process would be worth it. There is a huge 'thank-you' owed to those people who have spent endless hours talking with individuals from our team; anyone who was willing to give us the time to talk about the project proposal and just listen to our ideas has been more of a help than anything we could have imagined.

Since I have arrived at home in Denver, there has been lots of music in the house. My mom went back to school for a Music Education degree (I am grinning ear to ear, I am so proud of her) and she brings home lots of interesting instruments. My sister has been singing a lot, and I brought home my guitar. There is something about sitting down and spending time harmonizing, writing, creating, and loving every minute that makes my soul fill up. It makes me think back to summer and spending late nights on the porch in Lander, teaching myself to play guitar and creating music while the porch lights are hung up like it's Christmas; the wind picking up, and carrying late night concerts at the bar and scents like rain.
Bub takin in the sun rays

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