Thursday, December 10, 2009


So happy to be done with finals.


in one sense, it is sad because it is over, it seems like only when something like this is done, does it seem like it went quickly. I can remember the first day moving into my house, the first time I cooked an entire meal for myself in the house, and many memories in between. Isn't it funny that something that once seemed so new and different is now so comfortable?

Now I can fully concentrate on the Patagonia adventure that will hopefully take place sooner than later. *fingers crossed*

Aside from anything relevant, here are some old photos. They were taken by Mike Mills this past year in Bishop; Mike really has some brilliant photos and I feel like he doesn't share them with the world enough. I did some editing (sorry Mike) and thought that there were some cool ones to share of me climbing...and now that I typed that, it sounds vain. To make up for it, I will post plenty of other photos of people climbing in my upcoming trip to Hueco Tanks, TX after christmas. It should be wonderful :)

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