Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So stressed out.

Between trying to plan this patagonia trip and finals, I think I've started growing grey hair and probably gaining some age wrinkles around my eyes. No jokes here.

So to de-stress myself out, I danced around the room as best i could to this:

I loved deeper.
I kissed my pup, and we played fetch for 20 minutes.
I made myself wheat pancakes, with strawberries, and whipped cream for breakfast/lunch.

that made things better.
I still had the same amount of work to do, but i did some important things to make sure I was in the right mindset.

I encourage you to dance around the room
to eat pancakes for lunch
and dinner
and breakfast
but mostly, i encourage you to take time out of your schedule to do more important things.

sending you all big hugs,

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