Tuesday, December 22, 2009



life has seemed to have been put into overdrive, and things have been zooming by. My team and I have been finishing up the grant proposal for Chile and I'm hoping to send it in by today. How scary is that?! This has been in the works for 2 months maybe? So much time and effort put into this, and knowing that as soon as we send it off, it is out of our hands brings on a bunch of emotions for me. Some of those include: hopefulness, amazement, excitement, and a tad bit of "oh boy."
Yesterday I got to go on an adventure in downtown Denver! Two of my great friends and I woke up early, wayyy earlier than I wanted...but in order to get the good light, I was willing to sacrifice sleep. The day was filled of lots of laughter, many times laughter came at inappropriate times but that just made it even better. It was also filled with lots of "wait! no that alley didn't look too sketchy- go back!"
My brain is drained from editing the grant proposal, researching Chile and running around to find the right looking shots. Christmas is coming soon and I am eagerly awaiting Friday morning to come so I can melt down into my sweatshirt and watch the castle of gifts around the tree slowly come apart, brick by brick. The clouds are even looking like they are going to drop some snowflakes on us. That would be wonderful.
some of the favorites from the day:

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