Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah!

Hello to everyone! I am in an especially cheerful mood today because I received a NEW camera!! Dirt free and ready to see the world, this camera, a canon rebel xti, is ready to be my poetry to the universe. Get ready because we are stepping it up! (hopefully.)

What are you celebrating today? Here are some things that I'm celebrating:

-Jesus's birthday. The dude was way cool, happy birthday Jesus.
-My family- they are better and more than I ever deserved.
-My friends- hey thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my all are what make my world turn so thank you :)
-My puppy- she got a new bed today and is happily curled up in a ball, sleeping on fluffy stuff in her kennel.
-My new camera. Hey, I am psyched, it is the best and I can't wait to see the world through a new lense (take that back...two new lenses, my dad got me another one)
-the fact that my life is so brilliant. Filled with amazing people, a new CAR *forgot to mention that one* to go on adventures with and so many opportunities. The world is opening up its arms to you too- just listen.

Here are some photos. Some old, some new, some red, some blue (just kidding about that last part. There will be no red and blue photos...sorry).
this is my brother. He is the best. To be honest, he's more than the best.mandatory ornament, you have the key to my heart.with welcoming arms.the stories behind our eyes.

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