Sunday, February 7, 2010


Whew ok quick recap of Lander because there is way too much to say when I'm this tired.

Skipped class on friday to get more hang out time with the family. Finally landed myself in Lan-diego around 3. Saw my good friend/soul sister and we went to take pictures of a place that I had almost forgotten about. Lucky Lane garage is probably the first place I have ever climbed at. Complete with mattresses on the floor for crash pads, and each hold individually made out of wood, it is a classic. There is writing on the walls and 30 year old chalk in that place. It is a place that was tucked away in my memory and had some cobwebs waiting for me to dust off. That night I spent an hour trying to catch mini marshmallows in my mouth with three kids who could do it 10x better than I could. I shared a good conversation over a shared pint of ice cream with my aunt who I admire for her strength and loving abilities. After sleeping sort of well while kids kicked me and dogs snored in my ears, I woke up to the smells of pancakes drifting from the kitchen.

The kids and I decided to go on a photo adventure so we blew up some balloons, bought two bags of M&M's and took off. 300 pictures later, we strolled over to another good friend's house. Virginia made us cookies while telling stories and listening to ours as well. She is equally good at both. After quickly devouring cookies, we rushed back to our house to get ready for the climbing competition. The kiddos competed first and did wonderfully. I'm so proud of them- so much talent. The girls competed afterwards- all 4 of us! Then we all cheered on the boys as they dominated the problems that we were falling off of. There was a lot of "Oh, I should have tried that..."

The later part of the evening was epic to say the least, as I got in trouble for what I think is ridiculous. It was the last thing I needed, to have this ordeal now on my plate with school and everything else I'm trying to balance. But, life just comes at you and you have no choice but to deal with it I guess. So, I will be back up to Lander to deal with the leftovers of Saturday night. At least it's more time with the family. I've been told by a couple people that eventually it will be funny. In a week or two I will laugh- for now, just look at the positives.

I apologize this blog post isn't anything insightful or meaningful. My brain won't shut off right now. So when I do get around to thinking well, I will post something good. just you wait.

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