Monday, February 8, 2010


How do you judge tragedies?

You can't say one is worse than another.
You can't say that one is harder to deal with than the one next to it.
You can't judge a tragedy.

Each person deals with things differently and it is impossible to say "mine hurt more".

think about it. and as promised, here are lyrics with photos.

I hear you call me, branches break in the wind.

and through the leaves and concrete
you're going to grow into something that death can't steal.
a garden that gives
sprouts come up glowing fruits of jade and golden silver trees
to mark the legacy of a life that finally learned what this means
the invisible choir sings you a voiceless lesson so you'll always remember
what grew out of decisions that death can't steal
lives that learned to give when it seemed there was nothing oh,
how much more it meant to those around
we go there's a rhythm soft and slow
you'll always hear the choir if you listen close

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