Sunday, February 21, 2010

a little different.

Hailey and I have been talking about doing photos for a long time together. She has been a long time friend it has been ridiculous that we haven't gotten around to photos until now. Luckily, we are good enough friends that she put on a swimsuit and crawled in my bathtub for 2 hours while I tried to get "the shot".

I wish, really really wish, that you could see the "making of" process of all of my photos. These people who decide that they wish to get in front of my lense put up with a ton of my shenanigans so my photos can turn out how they do. so thank you for everyone that has volunteered or I have talked into sitting with me for hours while I try to express my ideas to other people.

I guess lately I have been feeling like I should change up my style, do something different and bold. Well...I had an idea for a water photo and these slowly turned into not exactly what I was thinking, but I like them because they are different and turned out more powerful than I had originally planned. At first Hailey and I were calling them creepy but then someone used the word "unsettling". I feel like that is completely the correct word to use.

This picture makes me want to love. These two were fluffed up next to each other all day while the snow came down.

I went to the flea market yesterday to find things for today's photo shoot. I walked through all the isles, letting my eyes glaze over until I found something that struck me. The closer I got to the end of the store, the more anxious I got. I kept looking for the right thing but I was overloaded with all the things that could be a possibility. Then, one of the employees came up and told me they were closing in 20 minutes. Suddenly my mind panicked and I literally power-walked through 20 isles finding things. I ended up leaving 20 minutes later with an old tv and a pair of suspenders. I'm sure the people who worked there thought I was crazy. Here are my favorite shots from the tv shoot (I'm saving the suspenders for something later). Enjoy :)
this picture, when I first saw it brought tears to my eyes. It made me immediately think of your world being shaken, of everything turning around and suddenly not having the same ground that you were once on. So I called it "hold on, change is coming."

H- she's the best!

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  1. These new photos are awesome. The bathtub (I assume) ones are a little creepy, yes, but I like creppy. The television shots are all really nice and retro too. Me gusta!